Medium-Large Businesses

Invest In Sustainability

Take a stand against climate change. Join thousands of businesses offsetting their carbon footprint today!

Together, We Can Reduce Your Business’ Environmental Impact

Responsible environmental practices send a powerful message to your clients, investors, and your community. That’s why Terrapass makes it so easy for you to reduce your impact and inspire other organizations.

With a dedicated team of sustainability advisors, Terrapass can help you:

Understand Your Environmental Impact

Get custom calculations for any and every aspect of your business.

Develop And Manage Your Carbon Offsetting Program

We work with you to create and operate a carbon offsetting program that aligns with your goals.

Achieve Your Corporate Sustainability and ESG Goals

Our team will help you identify and act on areas where your organization can reduce its overall impact on the environment through everyday measures.

Understand Your Environmental Impact
Top-Tier Carbon Offset Projects

Source Top-Tier Carbon Offset Projects

We only work with verified global projects backed by the industry’s leading third-party certification audits to ensure we source projects that align with your business’ values.

Find Flexible Offset Plans

With purchase options tailored to your company’s emission size, we work with you to find offset solutions that best meet your business’ needs and budget.

Create Employee and Customer Solutions

We help develop and provide custom online tools and products to help your employees or customers calculate and offset their carbon footprint.

Build Your Reputation For Climate Action

Working with Terrapass not only communicates the importance of managing your carbon footprint within your organization, it also shows your customers, clients, stakeholders, and community that you stand against climate change.

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Collaborate With Terrapass

From consumer retailers and financial services to major car rental companies and the biggest online travel agencies, businesses all over the world work with Terrapass to reduce their carbon footprint and give their customers, clients, and employees access to more sustainable options.

Creating A Greener World, One Carbon Offset Initiative At A Time

To help reduce your business’ environmental impact, Terrapass funds projects that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy. We do this by partnering with top-tier, 3rd party verified projects in communities across North America and the world.
  • Renewable Energy

    Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

    Produce clean, renewable energy to displace traditional fossil-fueled energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Farm Power

    Scenic View Dairies

    An anaerobic digester turns manure into fuel for electricity or heat, as well as cow bedding for use on the farm and in the community.

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  • Landfill Gas Capture

    Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority

    Gas from the garbage decomposing at the landfill is collected and converted into energy.

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