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From electricity and waste disposal to air travel and commuting to the office, carbon emissions are a big deal even for small businesses.

In fact, a typical office-based business can generate 1-6 metric tons of carbon emissions per employee per year1.

While many small businesses want to be more sustainable, they don’t have the time or budget to hire an army of consultants. That’s where Terrapass comes in.

With flexible monthly offset plans and online sustainability tools, we help thousands of businesses reduce their environmental impact in a big way.

1 Offices and Carbon Emissions, A Climate Smart Industry Brief, Climate Smart Business, Inc., 2013

Calculate. Conserve. Offset.

Not sure how much carbon your business emits?

Step One

Measure your organization’s monthly CO2 emissions from shipping, fleet, air travel, employee commute, and more.

Step Two

Neutralize your daily emissions with a monthly offset plan that works best for you.

Step Three

Terrapass offsets your business’ carbon footprint by funding independently verified projects that destroy greenhouse gases and produce renewable energy.

The Footprint

How To “Clean Up” Your Workplace

When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, Terrapass’ carbon offsets do a lot of the heavy lifting. But what happens when you want to bring sustainable choice into the office? Embrace a cleaner working environment today with tips, news, and updates on our blog.