Erase Your Carbon Footprint

Whether you’re driving to work or talking on the phone, our daily activities produce carbon emissions that put harmful carbon dioxide into the environment.

In fact, the average American produces 16 tons* of CO2 per year. That’s equivalent to filling your car with 1,633** gallons of gas!

So, what can you do to make a difference?

Here are 2 ways to take action:


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Custom Emissions Calculator

Step One:

Calculate your carbon footprint for air and ground travel and home energy.

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Step Two:

Reduce your impact by choosing the offset plan that best fits your lifestyle.

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Why Wait? Create A Greener World Today!

Terrapass offsets fund projects like reforestation, farm power, and landfill gas to help reduce the impact of the carbon emissions we produce each day. To ensure that we only source projects that align with your values, 100% of our carbon offsets are certified by set industry standards and we only work with verified global projects backed by the industry’s leading third-party certification audits.
  • Renewable Energy

    Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm

    Produce clean, renewable energy to displace traditional fossil-fueled energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Landfill Gas Capture

    Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority

    Gas from the garbage decomposing at the landfill is collected and converted into energy.

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  • Farm Power

    Scenic View Dairies

    An anaerobic digester turns manure into fuel for electricity or heat, as well as cow bedding for use on the farm and in the community.

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The Footprint

How To Live More Sustainably

When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint, Terrapass’ carbon offsets do a lot of the heavy lifting. But what happens when you want to do even more for the environment? Embrace a cleaner lifestyle today with tips, news, and updates on our blog.