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What others are saying about terrapass.

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“Terrapass, the gold standard company in carbon offsets… You can’t find a better offsetting program than theirs.”

Alex Steffen, WorldChanging

"We’ve always been impressed with the way terrapass thinks beyond offsets to how they can actually encourage folks to lead greener lifestyles too"


“A brilliant attempt to use capitalism to fight global warming.”

Der Spiegel

“A simple, efficient way for citizens to get directly involved in combating global warming.”

“Terrapass is mind opening.”

Ned Ford, Sierra Club (via Wired Magazine)

“Terrapass…makes it possible to combat global warming in the same fashion that buying Fair Trade Certified Coffee makes it possible to combat the inequities of globalization: through your purchase decisions.”

Bornstein, author of How to Change the World (via

“It’s a small price to pay to do something real and practical to protect our beautiful planet.”

Debra Lynn Dadd, Debra’s List

“Think of it as Kyoto for commuters.”

Dan Neil, Los Angeles Times