Terrapass Coin Projects

Updated on Sept 1, 2021

Minted to Date:

Project Type Geography Project Name Registry Vintage Amount (metric tons)
Wind US Texas Capricorn Ridge 4 VCS 2019 15,000
Landfill Gas US Pennsylvania Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority Landfill Gas Collection and Combustion Project VCS 2017 10,000
greater lebanon refuse authority

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority

A significant by-product of waste decomposition is landfill gas, which is similar to natural gas. The Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority, in cooperation with EPP Service Company LLC, operates a collection program that burns landfill gas to produce electricity. What was originally an environmental hazard and a smelly problem is now a benefit to our integrated solid waste management system.

Windmill in Capricorn Wind Ridge Farm in Texas

Capricorn Ridge Wind Energy Center

This Wind Energy Center, owned and operated by NextEra Energy resources, LLC, generates a capacity of 364 megawatts of wind energy. Not only does it generate wind power without any air or water pollution, it also supports the economy in Coke and Sterling counties, Texas, by providing employment opportunities, adding tax base to the counties, delivering payments to landowners and allowing land to remain in agricultural use.